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Gary Volk Design is a design and architectural engineering company that specializes in a collaborative and creative and design process that fulfills the visions of our clients. The company pursues the distinctive solution and provides feasible design options that best integrate the visual objectives of the client with functional elegance, while providing careful consideration of budget and time constraints. We work on a diverse range of projects that include institutional, commercial, and residential, we are dedicated to an individualized design process that concentrates on communication.

Our design and architectural engineering company is based in the Pacific Northwest and concentrates on projects located in the greater Seattle metropolitan area and the surrounding communities. Our architectural portfolio is extensive and includes institutional, commercial, and residential projects alike. We can accommodate many different sizes and scopes of projects as well as projects using component and modular construction methods. The staff at Gary Volk Design offers the organizational skills to get a structure designed and built with the proper management of systems and materials, while maintaining the budget and time constraints. We are proud of the service that we provide to our clients as well as the outstanding reputation that we have earned.

While designing new remodels, additions, and homes, we are patient and apply great skill and care. Some of our projects involve homes of tremendous stature while others involve no more that small residential additions.

Gary Volk Design also performs the development of multiple townhomes that are made up of homes that are created in unison with each other. We always conceive these homes with a desire to create a lasting impression and with respect to the neighborhoods in which they are located. Some of our multiple residential works is our experience in the design and development of mid-rise, multiple family residential buildings.

We also specialize in nonresidential, low rise buildings. Our core engineering practice is based on exemplary responsiveness, technical excellence, and practical solutions for our clients. Our professional engineers are knowledgeable architectural experts who develop cost effective, high quality design solutions that our clients trust with every new project. We are not the kind of architects that simply want to put our signature on your structure. It is about the work, not about us. We don't design for our ego, but rather for yours. We specialize in neighborhood rebuilding, preservation, and architectural design that is driven by value.

Gary Volk Design is known for expertise in sustainable design, responsive service, and friendly creative excellence. We can provide complete architectural, interior, exterior, and landscape design services and have a proven track record in development, construction management, feasibility, and planning.

We are experienced in all sizes of both commercial and residential projects. Although we have completed projects all over the country, we concentrate on those projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Gary Volk Design hopes that you will recognize the consistent traits of integrity, harmony, sustainability, creativity, simplicity, and beauty that we use to guide every design, as you review our diverse portfolio. We would be proud to help you design and build your dream home. Our local, green design and build team also specializes residential remodels as well as in new, high quality custom homes.

Through every stage of our unique streamlined design and construction process, our friendly, award winning, and experienced design team will coach you by illustrating design and construction options that will adhere to your schedule and budget. Only after thoroughly researching the parameters of your project, including spatial, code, and site requirements, will we create a budget estimate, recommend materials and products, provide conceptual sketches, and progressively refine the solution until we develop the finished design.

Gary Volk Design can provide a complete package of design and construction services that includes estimating, engineering, permit, architectural design, and construction to deliver a high quality, competitively priced home to you as rapidly as possible. We have more than 30 years of design and architectural engineering experience in the Pacific Northwest area. Our company is well recognized as a creative architectural design leader whose detail oriented approach for projects in the institutional, residential, and commercial fields serves not only its clients around the Seattle metropolitan area but also in the surrounding communities.

We also specialize in mixed use buildings, clubhouses, and residential structures and unique and specialized building types. We also provide professional services at the local commercial and residential markets in:

The approach we take is one that stresses commitment and involvement to each project by senior management. This commitment exists at all levels of the construction process. This approach is confirmed and successful for us as we have received awards for high repeat client factor and design excellence.

Gary Volk Design has assembled a staff that includes registered planning professionals and architects that have numerous years of experience that include the advantages of CAD related support. Our staff provides pragmatic results and solutions in the areas of architecture, regional and urban site planning, and feasibility studies. We maintain a diverse client base which allows us the opportunity for diverse problem solving. Our client base includes the public sector, institutions, associations, developers, and private individuals. Committing ourselves to realistic results and solutions, we assist our clients to:

As a full service design and architectural engineering company our expertise in residential community design and architecture provides us with the ability to develop a project from basic concept through construction, which allows a turnkey operation for our clients. We have always played an integral part with every project detail and in the majority of cases are asked to oversee homeowner associations and community architectural review boards in order to ensure a standard of excellence and quality is maintained throughout the community. Our commitment to total client satisfaction is what drives Gary Volk Design in achieving great architecture.

Our only objective is to meet or exceed of client's expectations through superior design and architectural engineering construction. We have worked had to achieve a reputation of being honest, dependable, trustworthy, and doing high quality work. Gary Volk Design would be proud to help you make your dream home a reality.

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